Squid Game costume Halloween: Where to buy and which character to pick

By Admin Published on October 10, 2021Special Occasions

Squid Game, the new Netflix phenomenon that everyone seems to be talking about. The series recently rose to fame after being published on the streaming app Netflix and hitting number one in more than 90 countries. 

After being dismissed from several different filming studios over the last 10 years, the Korean hit series made history by becoming one of the biggest shows to ever be published on the popular streaming app.


Are you familiar with the show? Most people have already indulged in at least the first few episodes of Squid Game. However, if you have no clue what all the fuss is about, here is the lowdown: The first season shows how several people, haunted by their debts are desperately searching for a way to earn an income and make their way out of their dire financial situation. A unique offer is shown to them: they are recruited to take part in a competition in which they have the opportunity to earn an obscene amount of money. Sure enough, they all take part, hoping the cash prize will soon be theirs. Little do they realize that by playing the games, they are putting their lives in danger. Want to know more? Check the series out yourself!


Squid Game costume Halloween

With Halloween coming up many people are looking for the best costume on the market. With the popularity that the series has encountered, and thus easily recognisable characters, a Squid Game costume Halloween will easily make you the best dressed at the party. There are many different characters you can re-enact this Halloween as an adult or a child with a Squid Game costume child


  • Squid Game costume tracksuit. The squid game has many incredible characters to mimic this Halloween 2021. Perhaps the most recognisable Squid Game costume Halloween is the tracksuit the players wear as soon as they enter the grounds of the competition. Ready to impress? The green Squid Game costume tracksuit will not go unnoticed at your upcoming Halloween party.
  • Squid Game costume boss, or also known as Squid Game costume front man. In the series, there is one boss who oversees the entire operation. He is the mysterious rule maker and organises the games. The outfit is completely black and includes a black Squid Game costume mask to cover the face. Do you feel like being in control? Why not dress up using a Squid Game costume boss with a Squid Game costume mask?
  • Squid Game guards costume. Besides the Squid Game costume tracksuit, the most recognisable Squid Game costume Halloween would be the Squid Game guards costume. The Squid Game costume red suit or Squid Game costume jumpsuit is recognised as that of the guards that keep the players in line during the game, but also outside of the games. They are strict and never show their faces for security reasons.
  • Squid Game costume doll. Without a doubt, the creepiest Squid Game costume Halloween is the Squid Game costume doll. The doll is first introduced in the series in the first game which is called red light – green light. As soon as the doll looks and the red light is announced, any player that exhibits the smallest movement is immediately eliminated. The doll looks sweet and friendly, but make no mistake, she does not go easy on the game players! 


Squid game costume child

As well as adult costumes there are also costumes available for children. Kids often take part in Halloween celebrations whether it’s trick or treating, their school Halloween celebrations, or a Halloween party at home. What about matching outfits this Halloween with the family? Or you could all pick a different Squid Game character! Order your Squid Game costume child now and profit from huge savings this Halloween!


Where to buy Squid game costume?

So, you love the series and have decided to choose one of the characters from Squid Game as your Halloween outfit. Good choice! Now you must find a place to purchase your outfit including the accessories because your outfit needs to be convincing, right?

There are many different Squid Game costume stores UK available where you can buy different Squid Game costumes such as Squid Game costume tracksuitSquid Game costume bossSquid Game costume frontmanSquid Game costume dollSquid Game costume frontman, and many more. The latest shops to offers special Halloween costume discounts can be found here. Happy Shopping!


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