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All Stores > Discount Codes Voucher Codes & Discounts is an informative website and online health service that makes it easy to request a consultation with a qualified doctor. It does not offer products itself but arranges the right treatment for your condition or symptoms at your request sold and delivered by an independent pharmacy. They can put you in contact with a range of registered EU doctors and pharmacies to which they have access. In the case of prescription medicines, a doctor will only decide after a detailed consultation whether the prescription medication you have chosen is suitable for you.

Approved applications will be processed by an independent pharmacy and delivered to your home as soon as possible. It really is that simple. Additionally, patients take interest in the site’s offerings because the internet is full of exciting coupon codes that are especially helpful for the new service choosers.

During an online consultation, the doctor will ask you to fill in a medical questionnaire, just like your GP would. The doctor will review the completed questionnaire and, if necessary, write a prescription. Moreover, here is some good news: no matter which service you choose, you will almost surely find a helpful coupon code for it with just a little amount of effort from your side.

In the end, if you want to know more about the website or its offerings, all you need to do is visit them all the while keeping a close eye on coupon codes. There is detailed product information there for your assistance.

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